International Student Services

Maintaining Student Status

Students are accountable for maintaining their ‘student status’ and knowing their responsibilities. International students who fail to do so may be subject to immediate deportation and may have difficulty getting a visa to enter the U.S. in the future.

The following are violations of your student status:

  • Failure to report to the International Student Advisors within the first 15 days of each semester, so that records in SEVIS can be updated to show enrollment (attending orientation is sufficient)
  • When first entering the U.S., attending a school other than the one named on the I-20 and visa
  • Taking less than a full course load without prior authorization (12 units minimum for undergraduates and 8 units minimum for graduates)
  • Failure to apply for an extension before the program end date on the I-20 (item # 5), if the program is not completed
  • Not making normal progress towards program completion/graduation
  • Failure to apply for change of level or transfer of schools
  • Exceeding the grace periods for presence in the United States of 30 days before the program start date, 60 days after program completion or completion of OPT, or 15 days after authorized early withdrawal
  • Failure to report a change of address to the International Student Advisors within 10 days
  • Conviction for certain criminal activities
  • Failure to follow any special requirements such as Special Registration
  • Working on campus for more than 20 hours a week during the school term
  • Working off campus for more hours than authorized
  • Failure to inform the international student advisors of name and address of employer or any change in employment
  • Unemployment during OPT for more than 90 days in total (or 120 days if granted a STEM extension)
  • Working without authorization

To maintain student status you will need to notify the International Student Advisors immediately of any of the following events:

  • Arrival (if you attend orientation we will know that you arrived)
  • Change of local (Chico) address
  • Change of major
  • Intention to enroll in less than a full course of study (read section on Exceptions to Full Course of Study)
  • Intent to withdraw/transfer from the university
  • Prospective employment
  • Starting or ending any employment during OPT
  • Dependents to be added to I-20
  • Leave of absence
  • Completion of Program

Students who do not comply with these regulations will be considered out of status and it will be necessary for them to apply to immigration for reinstatement to student status. Be assured, it is easier to comply than to apply for reinstatement.