International Student and Scholar Services

Course Substitution Process

International students in continuing status sometimes take courses at universities and colleges other than Chico State.  These courses must be preapproved for degree credit by University officials using a formal request process (see below).  

Finding courses that meet Chico State's requirements can be challenging and often requires extensive research and multiple meetings with advisors. Therefore, it is recommended that you begin this process at least one month prior to the start date of the course to allow for enough time to collect the documents and secure the required signatures.

Approvals are determined based upon multiple factors including: accreditation of the institution, course content and level, credit hours, grading scale, and more. 

How to Submit a Request for Course Substitution 

Students will work with their international student academic advisor to submit a formal request for course substitution prior to taking the course. 

Step 1: Read the Course Substitution Instruction Guide  (PDF)

Step 2: Submit the online Course Substitution Form

Need assistance searching for courses offered at other colleges/universities?

Your international student academic advisor can help you start the research process. You can also ask your major advisor for suggestions.