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Mandatory Health Insurance

All international students are required by the California State University Chancellor to have adequate medical, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage, beginning with the start of your program at CSU, Chico, and at all times thereafter while you hold an F-1 or J-1 visa and you are residing within the U.S.* 

For J-1 visa holders, failure to purchase such insurance is a violation of your immigration status and may result in the cancellation of your DS-2019 form and your disenrollment from the University.

Submit proof of insurance (including the dates and amounts covered) no later than the first day of classes each semester: CSU, Chico Proof of Health Insurance

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  • How to Choose an Insurance Policy

    Your insurance policy must cover you beginning with the first date of your program (as posted on your I-20 or DS-2019), and must continue to cover you through the last day of each semester or academic year (whichever applies to you).

    Your insurance policy must cover you for the following minimum amounts:

    Accident/Injury medical benefits - at least $100,000 per accident or illness.

    Repatriation of mortal remains – at least $25,000.

    Medical evacuation - at least $50,000.

    A deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

    The insurance company must be underwritten by an insurance corporation with an A.M. Best rating of "A-" or above, and Insurance Solvency International, Ltd. (ISI) rating of "A-1" or above, a Standard and Poor's Claims paying Ability rating of "A-" or above, or a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of "B+" or above.

    If the insurance policy or the company ratings do not meet our minimum standards, the policy will not be accepted.

    Although students are free to select their insurance carriers themselves, it can be difficult to select a company given that there are so many from which to choose. It may be helpful to note that most students at CSU, Chico choose ISO Student Insurance.

    ISO Insurance > CSU, Chico Policy Information
    Policies begin at $39 per month.

    Students with government scholarships do not need to purchase additional medical insurance as insurance coverage is a part of the scholarship award. However, they too need to provide evidence of coverage.

  • Wellcat Health Center

    The CSU, Chico Wellcat Health Center provides free medical services to students. Their website lists their hours of operation and procedures for making an appointment. 

    The CSU, Chico Wellcat Pharmacy offers many common medications and contraceptives at a discount to CSU, Chico students. Information can be found on the Wellcat Health Center website. 

    On weekends, students can access health care services at walk-in medical clinics. International student advisors will provide specific information about these local services upon request.

  • Mandatory Immunizations and Tests

    You are required to show proof of immunization against Measles and Rubella (MMR) at International Wildcat Orientation. 

    Additionally, you must demonstrate that you are negative for Tuberculosis (TB). You may bring proof of your negative TB test to orientation, provided the test has been performed within 90 days of orientation and is written in English. 

    If you are under 19 years of age as of the first day of the semester, you must also present proof of immunizations against Hepatitis B or complete the series of injections after you arrive. There is a fee for this injection series.

    If you do not have these records at orientation, you will need to visit the Wellcat Health Center during orientation week to receive the required immunization or test. The MMR vaccination costs approximately $60.00; the TB test costs approximately $55.00.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Emergency Number911
Wellcat Health Center 530-898-5241
Enloe Medical Center530-891-7300
University Police 530-898-5555