Information Technology

Strategic Planning

CSU, Chico has had a long history of campus collaboration in developing technology strategic plans. The first, Target 2000 (1995-2000), was followed by Beyond 2000 (2001-2005) and then Aligning with the Future: The IT Strategic Plan (2006-2010). Building on previous successes with information technology strategic planning, the campus will again take up the discussion regarding a vision for how Information and Technology will affect and support the campus mission over the next five years.

How has the campus community been involved?

The campus community has participated in several ways.

  1. Visioning sessions were held in spring 2011 with a number of existing campus groups and committees to discuss challenges faced by higher education/CSU, Chico today and our vision for information and technology over the next five years.  The following groups participated in these visioning exercises:
    • University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC) Faculty
    • Information Technology Managers
    • Administrative Analyst/Specialists
    • Students
  2. Once a draft IT strategic plan was developed it was reviewed and discussed by the groups below.  Each of these sessions resulted in additions and modifications to the draft document.
Groups who participated in IT Strategic Planning
  • Enrollment Management IT
  • Academic Technology
  • Business Information Systems
  • Communication Services
  • Enterprise Systems
  • IT Support Services
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Administrative Analyst/Specialists
  • University Technology Advisory Committee (UTAC)
  • System Security Meeting
  • Data Warehouse
  • Library
  • Council of Academic Deans
  • ENR Functional Directors
  • Student Affairs Directors
  • Business & Finance Directors
  • Educational Policies & Programs Committee (EPPC)
  • AS Government

What are our current Strategic Plans?

IT Strategic Plan
University Strategic Plan (PDF)