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Wildcat Mail Migration

UPDATE: The email migration is complete. If you are having trouble accessing your email go to, click on EMAIL at the top of the page, and enter your email address ( If you're still experiencing issues please submit a request at or contact IT Support Services.

More information about accessing and managing your Office 365 mailbox.

Migration Benefits

Migration Process

What is happening: We will be moving all Wildcat Email accounts from Gmail to Office365. Having all email addresses within Office365 will allow for seamless collaboration between faculty, students, and staff. 

What's in it for me: This transition will streamline communications on campus and make many additional Microsoft tools available to students. Students will automatically be granted licenses for Microsoft Office, providing access to a suite of productivity tools to collaborate more easily.

When will it happen: 

There are two phases to this migration:

  • Students who are not currently using an Office365 mailbox (students who have never been employed on campus) will have their Gmail e-mails synchronized to their new Office365 mailbox starting November 1st. This should be transparent to the student, and they should continue to use Gmail during the migration. On Nov 21, all their Gmail emails should be completely synced to their Office365 mailbox, and they should begin using their Office365 mailbox exclusively.
  • Faculty, staff, and student employees who are currently using an Office365 mailbox will have their Gmail e-mails synchronized to their Office365 mailboxes beginning on the date of the cutover (November 21st). These email messages will be synced most recent first, so current messages should show up very quickly and older messages will finish syncing about 14 days after the migration.

How will it happen: We will be creating new Office365 mailboxes for every user who doesn't have one. Once the mailboxes are created, we will synchronize emails between the Gmail mailbox and the new Office365 mailbox. Due to the large volume of emails and mailboxes, this work will be done in batches. During this time students will continue to use the Gmail mailbox as their primary email. Once all the emails have been synced to Office365, a rule will be put in place that redirects all incoming emails from Gmail to Office365 and a final synchronization will take place. From this point on, you will access all your emails in Office365.


  • Will my email address change?
    Yes and no. You will have a new email address in the domain, but emails sent to your old address will be automatically routed to your new Office365 mailbox so no email will be missed. Existing emails in your Gmail mailbox will be migrated to your Office365 mailbox as part of the migration, so you'll still have access to all your old emails. Emails sent to your old will continue to be routed to your new address indefinitely.
  • How will I access my new email?
    There are several ways to access your new mailbox:
    • On the web, you can go to There is a "Email" link to this address at the top of every campus web page. Be sure to use for your account name.
    • On your mobile device, we recommend downloading the Outlook app from your app store. It's available on both Apple and Android.
    • On your computer, you have the option to use the Microsoft Outlook desktop client. This is part of the new Microsoft licensing that students will be automatically assigned. Instructions for installing and configuring Microsoft Outlook will be provided later this summer.
  • What will I have access to?
    You will have access to many Microsoft apps and services, including Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), OneNote, Forms, Lists, OneDrive, Planner, and Teams. These applications will be available for you as long as you are affiliated with Chico State as an active student, faculty, or staff.
  • What will happen to all my Google content?
    This project won't affect any of your other Google tools (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.). All of those tools will still be available to you for as long as you are affiliated with Chico State. The only Google tool that will no longer be available is Gmail.
  • Will I still have access to all my old emails?
    Yes, all your old emails will be migrated from your Gmail mailbox to your new Office365 mailbox.
  • Will I get to keep this new account for life?
    You will get to use this new account as long as you are affiliated with Chico State as an active student, faculty, or staff member.
  • How will this affect faculty, staff, and student employees?
    Faculty, staff, and student employees already have an Office365 account and also have a Gmail account. These groups may be affected in different ways, depending on how they use their campus Gmail accounts. Read below for specific scenarios:
    • If you don't use your Gmail account at all (or maybe weren't even aware you had one!), you may notice an influx of emails suddenly coming into your Office365 inbox as the mailboxes are synced. Since you haven't been using this mailbox, these emails are likely to be spam and notifications you don't need. To avoid this, you may want to log into your Gmail account now ( and delete any emails that are there.
    • If you forward your Gmail mailbox to your Office365 mailbox, you may also experience some (duplicate) emails coming into your Office365 mailbox when the sync process happens. This will depend on the settings you chose when you forwarded the emails. If you want to avoid this issue, you may want to log into your Gmail account now ( and delete any emails that are there.
    • If you forward your Office365 mailbox to your Gmail mailbox, you will have to stop doing this! Otherwise, your email may be broken since you'll have a rule that forwards email from Office365 to Gmail and we'll be adding a rule that forwards from Gmail to Office365. If you are in this situation, we'll be reaching out to you to assist, but if you already know you're in this situation feel free to contact ITSS if you need help. Since you've been forwarding emails from Office365 to Gmail, you will likely get a lot of duplicated emails synced back to Office365 during this process, so once again, you may want to log into your Gmail account ( and delete any emails that you don't want to be synced back to Office365.
  • Will this affect Google Groups?

    Google Groups will be changed from to

  • How will this affect 3rd-party services?

    If you’ve used your email address for 3rd-party services like Amazon, Facebook, or Netflix you will still receive emails from these services during and after the email migration. While we don’t anticipate issues with 3rd-party services it is best to use a personal email address for non-campus emails. You will lose access to your campus email once you are no longer affiliated with Chico State as an active student, faculty, or staff member, so it’s best to use a personal email address for personal services to avoid interruption of those services.

  • Where do I go if I have a question not listed?