Journalism & Public Relations

Secret Spaces

J&PR students have three spaces they can call their own on the Chico State campus.

The Mac lab, the Tehama Group Communications office and The Orion newspaper headquarters are cornerstones to student development. From class projects to internships required before graduation, news and PR majors use these spaces to build skills needed for life after graduation.

In order to create high-end content, students need high-end equipment that is usually out of grasp from a college student’s budget.

Thanks to donations to the J&PR department, these three “secret spaces” are equipped with Mac desktops, printers, cameras and much more. Everything down to the paper and toner cartridges are available for student use.

The Mac Lab

Tehama Hall 312 

The J&PR Mac Lab features 26 21-inch iMacs, two high-resolution full-color printers and two high-capacity laser printers. Each computer is equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing students to use state-of-the-industry software for class projects and portfolio work.

The Mac Lab is funded by alumni donations, student learning fees, and through the generosity of the College of Communication and Education.

Video courtesy of Tehama Group Communications and shot with J&PR Vuze 360-degree cameras.

Tehama Group Communications

Tehama Hall 310 

Tehama Group Communications(opens in new window), Chico State's student-managed PR agency, has its professional offices on the third floor of Tehama Hall. 

TGC uses the space as a creative base for full-service client work, as well as for agency meetings once each week and team member office hours.

The offices include a workroom equipped with tables, iMacs and printers, as well as a formal conference table for client meetings.

Everything that makes the agency – from partitions to paper – is purchased with alumni donations, client fees and Chico State's Instructionally Related Activity funds.

Video courtesy of Tehama Group Communications and shot with J&PR Vuze 360-degree cameras.

The Orion

Plumas Hall 001

The Orion(opens in new window), Chico State's student-run news organization, has a suite of offices in the basement of Plumas Hall.

The news offices include iMacs for writing, digital imaging, layout and Web content management and ample wall space for The Orion's many, many, many awards for excellence in college journalism.

The O is as independent from the department as possible and is funded largely through Chico State's Instructionally Related Activity funds.