Journalism & Public Relations

Advising Basics

Have you completed your undergraduate GE?

For first-year students and sophomores, this should be your No. 1 goal. J&PR has four courses in Chico State's General Education program that double-count in the major and can be taken as early as your freshman year:

JOUR 130W, "Writing for Public Audiences" – GE A2

JOUR 210, "Pop Culture, Media & Values" – GE Societal Institutions and U.S. Diversity

JOUR 211, "Women, Men & the Media" – GE Individual & Society

JOUR 255, "Digital Media Literacy & Civic Values" – GE Learning for Life

Note: JOUR 255 is preferred for J&PR majors. JOUR 255W is writing intensive and generally reserved for non-majors in programs that don't include as many writing-intensive course options.

What about GE Pathways?

Two upper-division courses – Natural and Social Sciences – must be taken from one pathway. By junior year, you should have selected which pathway you will be taking the courses from.

One of these courses should have a Global Cultures designation, so you don't have to take an additional course.

The third course, Arts & Humanities, is fulfilled by JOUR 460, "Ethical Problems in Mass Media." There is no need to take an Arts & Humanities course.

Have you fulfilled prerequisites?

In many courses, you will be dropped from the class if you do not have the prerequisite. See your adviser if you have questions. Here are a few important prereqs in J&PR:

JOUR 260W, "Writing for Mass Media," is a foundational program course and a mandatory prereq for all writing and skills courses, unless otherwise noted.

JOUR 265, "Survey of PR & Media Relations," is a mandatory prereq for JOUR 341W, "Writing for PR"

JOUR 341W, "Writing for PR," is mandatory prereq for JOUR 344, "PR Strategy"

JOUR 344, "PR Strategy," is a mandatory prereq for JOUR 445, TGC

Have you selected a minor?

In nearly every case, it takes at least three semesters to complete a minor. Pathway minors do not fulfill the J&PR requirement for a disciplinary minor. A completed pathway minor counts as a second minor.

When will you graduate?

Your best source for this information is in YOUR Degree Progress Report. You should complete a grad check one year ahead of time. For example, anyone graduating in spring 2020 should have a grad check completed by spring 2019. By meeting this deadline, you will know which courses that must be completed before you enroll for your last semester.

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