Journalism & Public Relations

How does advising work?

When is mandatory advising for fall 2020 registration?

April 13–17, 2020

Fill out the advising form (PDF) before you meet with your faculty adviser!

How does advising work?

  1. Advisers put sign up sheets on their office doors the week before mandatory advising.
  2. Sign up with your designated adviser.
  3. Plan your course schedule.
  4. Fill out the advising form (PDF) and bring to your advising appointment.

Who is my adviser?

Advisers are assigned by your option/last name. For spring 2020 schedule planning, advisers are:


A–K = Forrest Hartman (THMA 331)
L–Z = Aaron Quinn (THMA 343)

Public Relations

A–C = Samara Anarbaeva (THMA 349)
D–M = Steve Caldes (THMA 341)
N–A = Janell Bauer (THMA 347)

Please see J&PR Chair Susan Wiesinger by appointment or during regular office hours for grad advising, substitution requests and grad checks.

Why mandatory advising?

J&PR advisers are with you every step of the way and we're motivated to help you succeed.

Advising helps you figure out the best path through the program, including selection of courses that double count, minor selection and progress toward degree.

J&PR has mandatory advising, which means majors must see a J&PR faculty adviser every semester before they can register for classes. No advising? No registration.

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