Journalism & Public Relations

How do I choose my minor?

You must complete a minor

A formal minor for J&PR majors is required and is listed in all versions of the Chico State catalog. A formal minor is largely upper division and declared within and directed by one program (e.g., marketing is a top choice for PR; sociology or political science for news).

Pathway minors do not fulfill the formal minor requirement

Pathway minors require explicit approval of both adviser and department chair.  A substitution may be requested after consultation with J&PR adviser.  Pathway minor requests may be denied.

When might a pathway minor be appropriate? 

To get you graduated in a timely manner. Two scenarios:

  1. Late declaration of the major. 
    Allowing a pathway minor may expedite graduation. A pathway minor is 18 units. Because you must take three upper-division courses in one pathway, that leaves only three classes to complete the minor. If you choose Gender & Sexuality or Science, Technology & Values, then 2-3 other major classes may already be applied. JOUR 130i and JOUR 211 are in the G&S pathway; JOUR 130i, 210 and 255 are in the STV pathway.

  2. Pursuing both options. 
    We have a growing number of students who are pursuing both the news and PR options to expand their job options. The pathway minor facilitates this.

Why can't I minor in Broadcasting or Communication Studies?

J&PR's national accreditation requires majors to take 72 units outside of the School of Communication (CMST, JOUR & MADT). GE (48 units) + minor (21 units) knocks out most of that requirement.

If you start as freshman at Chico State, it is very difficult to complete your 72 units and a MADT or CMST minor without adding semesters.

Communication minors, such as broadcasting, may be used to fulfill formal minor requirement, but they require explicit approval of the J&PR department chair. Requests for minors within the School of Communication may be denied.

When might a communication minor be appropriate? 

When it meets your career goals. 

It's also much easier for transfer  students to minor in either MADT or CMST, as they often transfer in up to 70 units of non-communication credit.

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