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What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a course management system that allows courses to be delivered partially or entirely on the Internet.

Courses using Blackboard might be text based, but can be enhanced with audio, video, and generally include a great deal of interaction.

Though each course at Chico State has a Blackboard site, not all courses use Blackboard. To find out if Blackboard will be used in your course, you should contact your instructor directly.

Blackboard Access

Students can access the Blackboard Learn via:

  • A web browser running on a computer
  • A web browser running on a mobile device
  • Or the Blackboard Learn Student App running on a mobile device

Generally, a browser will work for all tools.  The App is very handy but cannot handle all of the necessary tools. Where noted, use a browser for best performance.

Login into Bb Learn:

Tech Tips:

Getting into your Course Content

To access a course you are enrolled in:

  1. You can access your list of courses that are using Blackboard by clicking on the “Courses” tab.
  2. Click on a course link to enter a course.

Navigating Course Content
Moving around your Blackboard course is done via the list of buttons on the left side of the page. The buttons indicate the different content areas of Blackboard, where instructors can place information like the syllabus, lecture notes, assignments, readings or other course materials.

*NOTE: Each instructor can customize these buttons, so the names of the buttons may be different from course to course.

  • Announcements– Announcements from your instructor will show for one week, then be stored in folders. At any time you can view the announcements from the current month, or the full semester, by clicking on the sprocket at the top of the Announcement Module, to choose a time period to view.
  • Course Information– The instructor generally places the Introduction, Syllabus, Schedule, Course Policies, etc in here for the students to access.
  • Staff Information– Information about the Instructor such as Name, Department, Email, Office Location, Office Hours, and Contact Numbers are placed in here.
  • Course Documents– The Instructor generally places Lecture Notes, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. for the students to access.
  • Assignments– The Tests, Quizzes and Assignments are available in this content area.
  • Resources– Here a list of website resources are provided by the Instructor for the Students to access.
  • Tools– Various tools for the course like Calendar, Digital DropBox, Turn It In, My Grades, Tasks, User manual are provided here.

Tips from your Peers:

Course Content Organization Transcript(opens in new window)

User Menu

My Blackboard and the user menu are available everywhere in Blackboard Learn and give you a personalized view of your learning environment.

Access the menu next to your name in the page header in the top right corner. The user menu provides access to all your courses and your personal settings, such as text size and personal information.

My Blackboard provides access to courses, due dates, posts, updates, grades, calendar, and collaborate with your Blackboard learning network.

My Blackboard icons indicate how many new items appear in each area.

Blackboard User Menu Transcript(opens in new window)