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Online Learning Tips From Jessica

Advice for New Online Students - Jessica

Hello everyone. My name is Jessica and I am majoring in social science. I would say the best part of online classes, is honestly the flexibility of it. I would say it's probably beneficial to most people who work full-time or maybe they're parents. It's just very flexible and can fit into a lot of different schedules. I think the most challenging part of online classes is probably getting used to the platform at first. I think many people may not be used to it. Maybe they've never taken online classes for the first time, or they just haven't taken online classes in a while. But I really hope these tips-- these tips help those people. Tip number 1, I would say is to create a schedule for yourself, and stick to it. Dedicate enough time to your classes online, the same as you would with any other class. And that's really important to check for things like due dates, announcements, things like that. And that kind of brings me to my second tip. My second tip would be to definitely log in every day. I tend to login maybe once or twice a day, but at least once a day because you never know if there might be announcements, discussion posts, if your class has that. Or like I said, due dates may change, things like that. The third tip I would say is to definitely set up a space in your home that is quiet and is distraction free. Because this really helps you to kind of have your own space and dedicate it to studying, and to stay focus. And that kind of brings me to my fourth tip, is to let your family or your roommates know, or anything that may be a distraction for you, if they're loud. I would say to communicate and really let them know when you're going to be studying. And if they still are loud, maybe headphones will help, play some relaxing music, or even earplugs if it comes down to it. Also animals can be very distracting, so maybe keep them out of your room. You know because cats tend to like to go on keyboards and things like that. But, and so that brings me to my last tip, and I think this is honestly the most important 1, is to get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will really help you stay focused, especially when reading a lot, and doing things on your own. You're not really having the stimulation as you would be in a classroom to help keep you awake. So really get enough sleep and even eat healthy. Go all the way and do whatever it is you have to do to overcome this new way of learning that you're about to do. So I would definitely say that, you should keep a positive mindset as well and create a mindset to where it's a challenge you're going to overcome, and you can do it. It's not, you know, something that you should really stress about. I think everyone can do online learning, as long as they you know, dedicate enough time in their day and they try hard enough, everyone can do it. So I really hope this helps everyone and good luck to everyone.