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Online Learning Tips From Kate

Advice for New Online Students - Kate

Hi classmates. My name is Kate, and I'm a sociology major at Chico State. I'm in my senior year. I want to go over a few things with you guys. Been online student for a long time, I've been on campus and online in the course of learning. So I'm gonna go over a few questions and answers real quick. The best part of being an online student-- I'm going to answer that-- is flexibility. I'm never late to class. I have the opportunity, typically, to go back and view courses well after the class has taken place. So you have lectures that you can actually go back and watch more than once, usually. And that helps to, just embed the information. So flexibility is really the, the greatest part of it. So you can actually just be in your bed in your jammies, and go to school. You know it's great. So the most challenging part of being an online student is, I'm going to say just the platform, that they-- the university uses is, not streamlined. So you'll find that your professors will each provide the information, the assignments, the syllabus, the tests in a different way. So in order to overcome that, you need to go in first and read the syllabus. It will have all the dates for that course for that semester. So print that out, save it on your computer, however you do it, and then refer to that constantly for your dates. Some professors have it online, for referral to assignment dates in a calendar format, but not all of them. So I have 1 professor that puts everything, for example, under welcome. So I'll click on welcome. And he has everything there. I have one professor that puts assignments with a calendar, but she's the only one. So the hardest part, in the most challenging part is to figure out what each professor is giving you, and how they're giving that to you. Once you have that figured out, and you have your syllabus printed out, you can easily follow along. My tips and tricks for being an online student is that 1 I just told you. Get a handle on it at first, figure out how your information is being delivered to you, via the online portal. And then secondly, I use headphones a lot to not have distractions. So if the dog comes in, or if you know, my son comes in, or somebody comes in, I am not distracted. I have those headphones on. Sometimes If I wake up in the night and I can't sleep, I'll go online. It's a quiet time for me to watch 0 the videos, or read the information, or get assignments turned in. And you can actually do that anytime, within a you know 24 hour-- whatever the timeframe is. So it's pretty good. It's it's excellent. And I hope that I can help anybody out there who needs help with this, because I've been doing it for a few years now, and I think you can be really successful. It's nothing to be worried about. You can do it.