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Advice for New Online Students - Markie

Hi guys, my name's Markie Castro I'm a junior at Chico State. I'm currently majoring in social work. The best part about being an online student for me is probably the availability. I'm able to pretty much make my own schedule. I'm not your average college student, I guess you could say. I have a 1 year old daughter. I work full-time as well. Both me and my husband do. So it's kind of difficult to take classes in person for me, so I'm very thankful of that, there is online classes available. The hardest part, or challenging part about being an online student is kinda holding yourself accountable. And really a sticking to a schedule. You know, you gotta keep up on the readings, and all the assignments that are due. It kinda becomes overwhelming if you let everything pile up at once. Especially, you know, when you have those 7-8 page papers due, and you wait till the last minute, it becomes overwhelming. So my best advice to you is to, if you have a planner take that syllabus down, write down all the due dates. If you're on your phone, you like to use your phone more, set alarms. You know, go to your calendar and set dates. You know, I do that all the time. That really helps me, and holds myself accountable you know, because everyone's busy. You got life going on, and we get distracted. So it's super helpful, you know, to write your dates down and stuff. Some tips and tricks is probably you need to find a quiet place to study. At least for me that's how I study. And you want to stick to schedule, you want to do your work kind of around the same time. So you kind of get in the motion that really helps. Try not to procrastinate because once you start doing it, you know, you just kind of fall down the tunnel. It gets hard. I like to keep separate binders for my classes, so that they don't get mixed up. Because sometimes, at least for me, it gets confusing. and that's, you know, pretty much it. Some teachers are more hands on and others are more helpful, and you know you can reach out to them. They'll explain stuff, because sometimes when you through emails, wording can be, you know hard to understand, or it might come off the wrong way. So if your professors do offer, you know, hours to meet with them-- I mean I'm not sure sure how everything's going now, but getting clarification in person, has been helpful for me. And if not, maybe send them an email until you can get a clear answer. Or maybe even send out an email to your fellow students, they might have some answers for you. And I wish you all luck on this journey.