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Online Learning Tips From Rachel

Advice for New Online Students - Rachel

Hi everyone. My name is Rachel and I am a senior at Chico. My major is in Liberal Studies, which means I am pursuing a career in teaching. I actually don't even live in Chico. I live about 5 hours away from Chico, and so I've been able to do all of my schoolwork online as a distance student. I personally really enjoy distance education. I think it's really flexible and great if you're a self-paced, motivated kinda person. I understand it's not for everyone, so this time that were in of everyone kind of moving to online school at the moment is hard. But I just wanted to give a couple tips and tricks and things that have helped me because even though I do enjoy online school work, sometimes you really have to give yourself a little extra motivation to get through it. So I hope you find these tips helpful. First of all, I would say the nature of online school is that you don't have to sit in the classroom. So even though I'm filming this in front of my desk, I honestly rarely ever do my schoolwork in front of my desk. Usually I'm on my bed, sometimes I'm at a coffee shop, which obviously we can't do right now. Sometimes I sit outside. It just kinda depends. So that would be 1 tip for you I would say, is to kind of mix up where you do your schoolwork. I think you'll find that variety will help keep you from burning out. Which I would also say kind of leads into another tip of take frequent breaks. Your kind of the master of your own schedule right now. Teachers aren't dictating, you know, when you have to be at school at a certain time. You might have to log online for a video at a certain time, but I would say make sure that you're again, keeping variety. So if you'd like to read, read for 20 minutes. If you like to do exercise, go for a walk. Again, we're limited because we have to stay pretty much in our homes. But I would say as much as you can keep variety in your schedule and what you're doing in the day. It'll decrease the feeling of burning out and just being bored and done with it. And just remember, we've got 2 more months to go. So we can do this, we can make it through. My next tip would be stay organized. I know again that doesn't come naturally to everybody, but I think the more you can kind of, force yourself to keep on schedule, keep a list of what things are due, the more it'll help you with that. So for me, I use a planner and I find this to be really helpful because instead of just looking at like the syllabus of when things are due, I can put on a calendar the due dates. And I also color coordinate things, which might be a little crazy for some people. But every class literally has a color. And every day I write things that I want to get done for that day, which helps you stay on task. So instead of getting stuff done, like right on the due date, you're preparing for it. So maybe you're done with it a little bit early. And then if you're a super visual person like me, being able to cross things off a list is really helpful to, very motivating. So I would say if you can keep yourself organized and on top of things and get things done early, you'll find that you're more successful. My last tip would be to keep good relationships with your professors. As an online student, you really need to put, put the ball in your core in terms of communicating with them. So professors will reach out to you and update you on assignments and things. But in terms of asking questions, it's kind of up to you to fill out that email, make a virtual office appointment with them. I would say as much as you can reach out to them, and keep a good relationship with them, and just let them know what's going on in your life. Most of them, if not all of them, are very understanding, especially the time that we're in right now. I think the more we can kind of communicate well with each other, and just give grace to each other, the easier this is going to be. So again I hope you found those tips helpful. I know this is a really hard time for a lot of us, but for some of us this is our last semester. And I really think if we can make the best of it and just enjoy it for what it is, the happier we will be. We've got less than 2 months left to go. So I just want to encourage all of you that you're almost done, you're almost there. We can get through this together. It's a great world that we live in, that we're all technologically connected now. So even if you can't see friends in person, you can email them, and text them, and you know we've got Skype, and FaceTime, and things like that. So yeah, I just want to wish you all a great last 2 months of the semester, and I hope you are successful with online learning.