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Exercise Physiology Program (B.S.)


To lead in discovery, dissemination, and application of physiological principles and techniques through the lens of exercise in a diverse and constantly evolving society.


  • Instruct on evidence-based, contemporary curricula emphasizing experiential learning on responses and adaptations to exercise in humans.
  • Conduct innovative, student-led scholarly projects that advance knowledge related to human performance and health. 
  • Promote and provide opportunities for community engagement and outreach, valuing diversity and inclusivity. 
  • Advocate and serve as a model of good exercise and dietary hygiene.
  • Uphold integrity and high ethical standards consistent with the Department of Kinesiology, College of Communication and Education, California State University, Chico, and the California State University System.
  • Serve as leaders by being in service of others in professional and interpersonal capacities.

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