Department of Kinesiology

Steve Henderson


Spring 2023 Advising/Office Hours: M 12:30-2:00pm, WF 1:00-2:00pm, TuTh 10:00-10:45am

Advising/Office Hours Appointment

Scholarly Interests

Current area of concentration and study is in sport science/sport performance. Additional experience and areas of interest include clinical exercise physiology and physical activity epidemiology.

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Kinetic chain function and its relationship to human movement and performance.
  • Assessment of mobility and stability limitations in kinetic chain function and correction strategies
  • Exercise testing and prescription
  • Sport and exercise injury risk prediction and reduction

Thesis/Graduate Student Projects Supervision

Comparison of barbell kinematics in the hang clean and hang clean high pull: Implications for specificity of training – Scott Light

A temporal and kinetic comparison of traditional elastic band squats and reverse elastic band squats – Sean Rogers

A Rehabilitation Manual of Corrective Exercises for the Functional Movement Screen Based Upon Score – Lindsey Mazur

An Evidenced-Based Kinematic Description of Quad Dominance – Claire Kutil

A Comparison of Blood Gases and Acid Base Measurements in Arterial, Venous, and Arterialized Venous Blood – John Linderman

Characteristics of the Leg Spring Model of McMahon and Cheng in Response to a Seven-Week Drop Jump Training Program – Frank Christ Doctoral Dissertation 2002

Developing an Upper Body Plyometric Program – Elle Brown

Effects of Two Complex Training Methods on Vertical Jump Performance – Orin Hirshcorn

Effects of Training on Heart Wall Size in the Young Athlete - Jean Stoner

Factors Effecting Exercise Adherence – Mike Blide

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