Department of Kinesiology

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology


The Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology is intended to provide students with in-depth study of the physiological bases of human physical performance.

This concentration in the Department of Kinesiology allows students upon graduation to enter professional schools, which are often master's or doctoral degree programs. The requirements of schools offering programs in Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Chiropractic Medicine, and Occupational Therapy vary considerably. It is best to contact schools that you are interested in applying to and checks with them regarding their entry requirements and pre-requisites. Consult with your advisor to develop a plan of course work based upon your career objectives and goals. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the schools they intend on applying to and obtain the current pre-requisites for admission as early as possible (preferably by the end of their sophomore year). Most schools require course work in chemistry, math, physics, English/literature/composition, human physiology, psychology, biology/zoology, statistics, and social sciences.

What to do with an Exercise Physiology degree:

This emphasis prepares students to meet academic requirements necessary for entry to postgraduate education for physical therapy, chiropractic, and podiatry schools. Students find employment in a broad range of medical, commercial, and educational environments. Students wishing to meet all requirements for postgraduate education for a professional degree should meet with the Undergraduate Advisor as well as contact potential postgraduate education sites to obtain specific entry requirements. There are many other career options besides physical therapy that are opened through completion of this emphasis. Students in this emphasis should also consider participating in the student major club, Future Physical Therapy Society. The national organization most directly aligned with this field is the American Physical Therapy Association(opens in new window).

Exercise Physiology Student Success Map (PDF)

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