Department of Kinesiology

Graduate Program Curriculum

The Master of Arts degree program in Kinesiology is oriented toward professional training for those interested in obtaining terminal degrees with areas such as teaching, coaching, adult fitness, athletic training and rehabilitation. The program emphasizes a common core/knowledge base, the interdisciplinary nature of Kinesiology, a focus on applied professionals, and a culminating experience that is individualized to meet each student's professional needs and interests.

Upon completion of the Master's degree in Kinesiology at Chico State, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles and an understanding of the current research in the field of Kinesiology;
  • Apply critical thinking, writing, reading, oral communication, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and information management skills to movement-related questions;
  • Understand the scientific method and other systematic ways of knowing relative to research and scholarship in human movement;
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to and for the profession and be professionally involved at the local, state and/or regional levels;
  • Engage in informed dialogue regarding kinesiology principles and practices.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare graduate students to pursue a wide range of careers, doctoral degrees in kinesiology, or specific fields, and/or certification through various professional organizations.

Coursework comprises theory and practical applied information leading to a culminating experience that consists of one of the following: a) thesis, b) project, c) professional portfolio, or d) professional paper. For more information on these options, contact the graduate coordinator.


Contact the Kinesiology Graduate Coordinator:

Aubrey Newland
Office: YOLO 285