Department of Kinesiology

Program Mission Statement, Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Department of Kinesiology’s graduate program mission is to help students develop skills, knowledge and research experience so that they can take their place in the profession as leaders, teachers, and researchers. An outstanding graduate faculty and state of the art laboratories enhance the graduate student education in Kinesiology.

The graduate core curriculum gives students a cross-disciplinary exposure to the study of human movement. Along with classroom studies, involvement in original laboratory and field research constitutes a major means by which students gain a broad understanding of their specialty area.

Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

  • Skills: Students will read, analyze and communicate the literature in Kinesiology.
  • Knowledge: Students will develop a knowledge base in kinesiology.
  • Research Experience: Students will acquire research experience via the literature and via “hands on” activities in the laboratory and community. 

Upon completion of the Master's degree in Kinesiology at Chico State, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles and an understanding of the current research in the field of Kinesiology;
  2. Apply critical thinking, writing, reading, oral communication, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and information management skills to movement-related questions;
  3. Understand the scientific method and other systematic ways of knowing relative to research and scholarship in human movement;
  4. Develop a sense of responsibility to and for the profession and be professionally involved at the local, state and/or regional levels;
  5. Be prepared to engage in informed dialogue with diverse professional and lay communities regarding kinesiology principles and practices.