Department of Kinesiology

Disc Golf Bag + 3 Discs

Item Description

The weekend disc golf bag is a great way to carry discs for beginners. Each rental comes with:

  • 3 different discs: driver, mid range and putter
  • 1 disc golf bag

Rent Disc Golf Bag

Fines and Fees

Late fees are $10 per day to a maximum of $70. Charges will be based on the replacement cost of the laptop & its accessories plus fines and processing fees. If the laptop is returned within 6 months from the date of payment in good working order the item cost and processing fee may be refunded. The fines will not be forgiven.

The laptop set and fees include:

Laptop: $1,025
Case: $36
Charger: $80
Processing Fee $10 per item (laptop, case, battery)
Overdue fine $70 maximum for set

You are responsible for any damage done to the laptop while it is checked out to you, and will be charged a damage fee based on the damage up to the cost of replacement. Also, you will be charged the replacement fee if a laptop is reported missing or stolen while checked out to your account.

Loan Periods

7 days
You can check this out from: 
1st floor Circulation Desk
Lost/Damaged Equipment Fee: