Department of Kinesiology


  • PHED Alumni and Friends Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established to fund Physical Education and Education Physiology scholarship drive donations and other fundraising events.
  • Cheryl W. Maglischo Memorial Scholarship
  • Professor Maglischo performed research in several areas of biomechanics. She taught 30 years in the physical education department at Chico State. In addition, she wrote several biomechanics computer programs, the most famous being her BioMACanics text and program for analyzing biomechanical skill with the Macintosh. She has numerous publications of original research and was a contributing author for the biomechanics text by Adrian and Cooper. She was admired and respected by faculty and students.
  • Beverly Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship
  • The Beverly Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of the aforementioned California State University, Chico emerita professor of Physical Education and Exercise Science. Dr. Wadsworth’s professional life spanned nearly 50 years as a dedicated teacher in both the public schools and at the university level. She taught at Chico State from 1968 to 1998. Over the years, she educated and supervised many students who were preparing to enter the teaching profession. In addition to her classroom and scholarly activities, she was an assistant softball coach for five years during the latter part of the 1970’s and the early 80’s. Professor Dick Trimmer, chair of the Physical Education and Exercise Science Department, noted that "Dr. Wadsworth had a very positive influence on all the students she taught. She promoted professionalism with her students and got them involved in physical education and health professional associations.
  • Bill McConnell - Richard Tolette Scholarship
  • This scholarship was established to support students majoring in Physical Education or Exercise Physiology.
  • J. Ned Richardson Scholarship
  • The scholarship endowment was established by the widow of J. Ned Richardson, Lucian Richardson. According to her declaration, “…my said husband was deeply interested in Chico State College, and in particular, in the athletic department and from time to time assisted worthy students in their education pursuits.”
  • Jane W. Shurmer Scholarship
  • Jane Wells Shurmer and Lola Osborn Story were dedicated and beloved faculty in the Department of Physical Education at Chico State for many years. They helped develop women’s athletics including women’s field hockey, basketball, softball and swimming. Jane was inducted into the Chico Sports Hall of Fame in 1973, and Shurmer Gymnasium was named in honor of her contributions to physical education and women’s athletics. Friends, students, faculty and emeriti faculty have all contributed to the Jane W. Shurmer-Lola Osborn Story Scholarship Endowment to honor the memory of these women who had such a positive and lasting impact on physical education at Chico State.
  • William Reed Memorial Scholarship
  • Bill attended Chico State in 1964 – 1968 as a Physical Education major and represented Chico in both water polo and swimming, placing 1st at the National one year. He relied on the emotional and financial help of his friends and family while in school and when learning to fly. It was important to him that he give back to his community when be became able. Our family hopes these awards will provide meaningful help to those attending CSU, Chico.
  • Scott Douglas Schindler Memorial Scholarship
  • The intent of the scholarship is to support students who show promise and commitment to the field of Physical Education and education.
  • Matthew Granucci Scholarship
  • Matthew Granucci was a dedicated graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology who was pursuing a degree in athletic training education. Sadly, he passed away when he was near the completion of his thesis for his Masters degree. His family established this scholarship to honor his memory by providing support to students pursuing careers in physical education. The Department of Kinesiology reviewed Matthew’s research and coursework, and award his Masters degree posthumously
  • Dorothy Stover Hall and Jacqueline Hall Scholarship
  • Arthur L. Acker Scholarship
  • Lola Lee Story Merit Award
  • The intent of this scholarship is to award deserving students who has demonstrated qualities of leadership
  • Laeta Acker Scholarship
  • Established in honor or Laeta Acker to support the Physical Education program, now known as Kinesiology.
  • Maria Newton Endowed Scholarship
  • Maria Newton has long shaped the kinesiologists of tomorrow as a professor at the University of Utah, and now she is investing in students at her alma mater who share a similar passion. By pledging through her trust to create an endowed scholarship, she is ensuring financial hardship will not impede any students’ hopes of becoming an occupational therapist, physical therapist, fitness instructor, athletic trainer, sport psychologist, coach, researcher, or exercise physiologist.

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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Art Acker Physical Education Scholarship- Morgan Elizabeth Murray

Beverely Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship- Jaclyn Denham

Bill McConnell-Richard Tolette Scholarship- Katie-Lynn Moon Chandler

Dorothy Stover Hall and Jacqueline Hall Scholarship- Jillian Caroline Long

J. Ned Richardson Scholarship- Brayden McLaughlin

Jane Shurmer and Lola Story Scholarship- Genette Benet Jones and David Ryan Tinoco

Laeta Acker Scholarship- Jaclyn Denham

Lola Lee Story Merit Award- Espitia Lorena Gonzalez

Matthew Granucci Scholarship- Brandy Lynn Huffhines

Nancy Ann Cooper Memorial Physical Education Teacher Scholarship- Fernando Sillas Saavedra

President's Scholarship- Andrew Levin and Jaclyn Denham

William Read Memorial Scholarship- Chloe Contestable

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