Languages and Cultures

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The BA in Asian Studies at California State University, Chico helps prepare students to assume responsibility in a democratic community and a global society by:

(1) educating students about the cultures, religions, economies, and politics of Asia;
(2) cultivating understanding of the internal diversity of Asia;
(3) empowering students with the facility in writing and speech that befits a well-educated professional;
(4) equipping students with marketable skills in Asian languages.


Goals and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Goal 1: Graduates will understand the cultural, religious, economic, and political dimensions of Asia.

SLO 1: Students can identify factual knowledge of Asia in the following realms: cultural, religious, economic, political.

Goal 2: Graduates will understand the internal diversity of Asia.

SLO 2: Students can compare the handling of a particular cultural, religious, economic, or political problem in one part of Asia to that of another part.

Goal 3: Graduates will communicate effectively in speech and writing.

      SLO 3: Students can deliver a clear, intelligent presentation in both spoken and written English.          

Goal 4: Graduates will acquire basic communication skills in an Asian language (at the second-semester level or beyond).

      SLO 4: Students can read basic text in an Asian language and respond orally and/or in writing to questions derived from that text.