Latin American Studies

LAST Student Learning Outcomes

 1.   Graduates will have the ability to communicate effectively about the history, geography, political and economic systems, achievements in literature and the arts, cultural characteristics and current events of the region.

*Students can write a coherent essay on two or more of the domains above and/or make an effective oral presentation with broad regional and temporal coverage.

2.   Students will be able to read, write, understand and speak (at least at a basic level) Spanish or Portuguese.

*Students can read basic text in Spanish or Portuguese and respond orally or in writing to questions derived from that text. 

3.   Students will be able to integrate content and ideas from the different disciplines and apply this knowledge to their own investigative research. 

*Students can describe, analyze and synthesize interdisciplinary course material into a research essay.

4. Graduates will be aware of the cultural heritage and diversity among the people of the region.

*Students can describe, contrast and summarize patterns of cultural diversity and/or heritage in at least two regions of Latin America.

5.   Graduates will understand the economic, political, cultural and environmental impact of globalization on the region.

  *Students can identify, discuss and analyze the impacts of globalization on Latin America.

6.   Students will be able to view the world from more than one perspective and recognize cultural differences without a judgmental attitude.

* Students can write an essay or make an oral presentation that recognizes and compares differing worldviews and explains their significance for the people of Latin America.

diego and frida holding hands