Angela Breining

I graduated in May of 2015 with a double major in Legal Studies and Latin American Studies, and I was also part of the Honors Program. I have been working with California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc., a nonprofit legal aid organization for low-income individuals for the past three years. When I started working for California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (CRLA) I discovered that I wanted to use law as a tool to give underprivileged people the dignity and the respect that they deserve through the means of law. I conduct workshops in English and Spanish on various topics including Heat Stress Illness Prevention, Workplace Violence Prevention, Employee Rights, and Tenants’ Rights. During the summer I also do field sweeps where we monitor the farmworkers in the fields to see if the employers are following the law; we are there to protect the farm workers. Both of my majors complemented each other very nicely. Latin American Studies gave me the motivation, the inspiration, and the passion as to why I need to bring about social justice to the immigrant community from Latin America, and Legal Studies gave me the tools as to go about doing that through the legal system--by making policy, and by using law to give a voice to the immigrant population. In fall 2016 I will begin law school at UC Davis where I will continue pursuing my passion for social justice.