Jean-Claire Peltier

Photo Jean-Claire Peltier

Jean-Claire Peltier has over 6 years of experience studying and working in Latin America. Her travels to the continent began at age 18, when she moved to Trujillo, Peru, to work in the education program of an NGO called Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP). Upon her eventual return to the United States, she enrolled in CSU Chico, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Sociology. In the following years, she worked in many different jobs in Latin America, from a prestigious internship at the US Embassy in Panama City, Panama, to teaching English in Santiago, Chile. Jean-Claire returned to Peru in 2014, to work as the English Program Coordinator at SKIP, designing and implementing an English language curriculum in underserved public schools. A year on, she accepted a new position managing the core curriculum/youth outreach program for secondary students as well. She invites Chico State LAST students to apply for a volunteer slot on her team at SKIP!