Latinx Graduation Celebration

Frequently Asked Questions


About the Latinx Graduation Celebration

The Latinx Graduation Celebration (LGC) was created to honor the achievement of Latinx graduates, and the contributions their families and friends have made during their education. MEChA created this event in 1978 to encourage Latinos to pursue higher education. This diverse and intimate, English/Spanish bilingual ceremony has flourished, and now includes Latinx and non-Latinx students. A student-run committee volunteers their time to produce the event for the graduates. 

Is LGC considered a commencement?

LGC is a special celebration, but does not replace official University Commencement ceremonies. 

Who coordinates LGC?

A committee of student volunteers, each advised by a campus professional, coordinates LGC annually.

Why “Latinx”?

In 2017, the LGC Committee voted to change the name of “Latino Graduation Celebration” to “Latinx Graduation Celebration” to be more gender inclusive.

About LGC

When will the Latinx Graduation Celebration occur?

The Latinx Graduation Celebration Committee is proud to present the forty-third annual Latinx Graduation Celebration on Saturday, May 16, 2020, in Laxson Auditorium.  To accommodate more graduates and guests, there will be two distinct afternoon ceremonies at 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm. 

In which of the two LGC ceremonies, might I be able to participate?

Participants will be divided into two groups by academic colleges, similar to other campus celebrations.  The composition of these two groups will be determined after the LGC application processes close and will be dependent on the total number of completed LGC applications received.

I am graduating from more than one college, how will my LGC group be determined?

Participants earning degrees in more than one academic college will be placed in the LGC ceremony group for the “primary” major, as listed on their LGC Application form.

Can I participate in both the University Commencement and the Latinx Graduation Celebration?

Yes, the LGC schedule allows a graduate to take part in University Commencement exercises.

Is LGC information on the web, or on social media?

*Updates on the social media accounts will typically begin in the spring. 

LGC participant criteria

Who can participate in LGC?

All participants of the Latinx Graduation Celebration (LGC) must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  1. Undergraduate and graduate participants must have formally applied for graduation through the University and be eligible to participate in the University Commencement exercises.
  2. Participants must be graduating from the University in one of the following terms: the previous fall, current spring, coming summer, or following fall.
  3. Participants must be present at the mandatory LGC meetings and rehearsal. Dates and times to be announced. 

LGC application process

What is the application process?  How do I register?

The LGC application process includes two (2) steps, as follows:

STEP 1:  Student submits a LGC Application form, then WAITS to hear about the status of the application. The LGC Graduates Chair and Advisor will review application data and verify LGC eligibility.

STEP 2:  Student pays the required $45 LGC fee ONLY AFTER receiving an authorization email notice with further instructions from the LGC Graduates Chair. 

* IMPORTANT:  Both steps must be completed to consider a LGC application "complete." Only complete applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis due to space limitations.  Previous LGC events have filled quickly. 

When will the LGC Application open?

The LGC Application (Google form) will generally open in early March.

Is there an LGC application deadline?

No, the LGC application process will remain OPEN ONLY UNTIL capacity has been reached. 

How can I access the LGC Application?

The LGC Application form will be accessible, once it opens, via this direct link,, or through the LGC website at

How much is the LGC fee?

The fee for the Latinx Graduation Celebration is $45.  Only LGC applicants who are cleared to participate will be invited to submit a payment.

What to expect after you have submitted an LGC application

Will I get an email notice from LGC confirming that my application was received?

No. Immediately after you submit a LGC application form, an automated pop-up window will be generated acknowledging your submission of the form. NO OTHER CONFIRMATION NOTICE WILL BE SENT.

What happens AFTER I submit my LGC application form?

  • After submitting your LGC Application, you must then WAIT until you receive further communication from the LGC Graduates Chair. The LGC Graduates Chair and Advisor will review your application and verify your LGC eligibility. Should there be any questions or concerns about the information you provided, you will be contacted via email.
  • Once cleared for participation, you will then receive an authorization email from the LGC Graduates Chair with further instructions on how to proceed to the LGC fee payment process.

*IMPORTANT: Both the LGC application and payment processes must be finished to consider a LGC application "complete." Only complete applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis due to space limitations. 

How soon after I apply will I hear about the status of my application?

The verification process will vary with the number and flow of applications. In the past, the verification “wait time” has ranged from a couple of weeks to a few days. However, the intent is to communicate the status of applications as efficiently and responsibly as possible. Applicants are encouraged to check their email regularly for communications from the LGC Graduates Chair. 


What are alternative ways to view the Latinx Graduation Celebration?

The celebration will be simulcast in a separate viewing room, live-streamed over the web, and recorded for future posting on YouTube.

How long is the Latinx Graduation Celebration?

The duration of the celebration depends on the number of participants and their adherence to the allowable speaking time, but in the past it has generally run 2 hours. Latinx Grad will be followed by a brief reception in the Bell Memorial Union.

How many guest tickets will each participant receive for the ceremony?

At this time, it is unknown how many guest tickets a LGC participant will receive for Laxson Auditorium.  This number will depend on the total number of participating graduates.  Note that there will be the opportunity to request more, but there is no guarantee. More details will be shared at the mandatory meeting.

Will small children need tickets?

Children, 2 years and older, will require their own ticket/seat. Children, under 2 years of age, may sit in the lap of a supervising adult. (Tip: The simulcast room may be more comfortable for small children and their parents.)

What happens at the LGC mandatory meeting?

The LGC mandatory meeting covers essential information regarding th Latinx Graduation Celebration (LGC), and is an opportunity to meet the LGC committee and ask pertinent questions.

What if I have a conflict with the mandatory meeting and/or rehearsal*?

If you have a serious and compelling reason and are unable to attend the mandatory meeting or the rehearsal, please email the LGC Graduates Chair at

Is a “speech” required for participants during the LGC ceremony?

LGC allows participants the unique opportunity to express a few words of appreciation to their family and guests, but this is optional. The allowable time for each graduate to speak will be communicated later.

Do LGC participants get special sash?

Only participants that have previously served as an LGC committee chair receive a special sash. However, LGC participants will receive a commemorative cord.

If you have further questions, contact the LGC Chair at