Varsity Basketball Team 
1927-28 season
sc8539.jpgLaying the cornerstone, 1888.
sc3938.jpgChico Wildcat Logo
sc15722.jpgCSU, Chico
April 1979 Pioneer Day Quad Project
Delta Psi Delta's 'Fred Miller's Brewery'
sc4478.jpgCommemoration Ceremony-Centennial
Wednesday, April 8, 1987
3:30 pm in front of Kendall Hall
Robin Wilson and Glenn Kendall

Welcome to Special Collections, Meriam Library, CSU, Chico


 The primary purpose of the University Archives is to document the history, growth and development of the university and to provide source material for administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other members of the university community. While the archives holdings and services are developed primarily for the university, they are also available for use by visiting scholars and the general public.  The University Archives at California State University, Chico was designed in 1964 to contain:

      1. The inactive documents produced or received by administrative officials and advisory bodies in their official work, especially such documents as will indicate to future administrative officials and scholars the reasoning behind significant policy decisions.

     2. The inactive minutes of academic divisions, departments or other instructional units of the university, as well as such other inactive documents produced or received by those units as will indicate the reasoning which led to the formation of important instructional policies or procedures.

     3. The inactive record of faculty, staff, students, and alumni organizations and other groups associated with the University or which use its name.

     4. Letters, papers, and reminiscences of the teaching and administrative faculty, at least insofar as these papers bear upon the history of the University.

     5. Letters, papers, and reminiscences of students and former students insofar as these materials bear upon the history of the university.

     6. Examples of lecture notes, curriculum materials, examination papers and student notebooks which illustrate the development of the curriculum of the University.

     7. Photographs, paintings, printed programs and other mementos directly related to the University, its students, staff or alumni.

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