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Chico Normal School graduating class of 1914
 sc20662.jpgGeneral John Bidwell, ca 1895
 sc16939.jpgSir Joseph Hooker Oak, ca 1890

 Welcome to Special Collections Department of the Meriam Library, a unique regional resource of written and pictorial materials which document the historical as well as the contemporary issues of the 12-county region known as "northeastern California".

 Special Collections is composed of several "collections" which are housed together in this non-circulating area of the library because of rarity, source, condition or form. Access to the material is provided primarily through the Meriam Library's online Library Catalog. Use of these items is limited to the Special Collections reading room and are available for research by faculty, students, visiting scholars, and community members.

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Dorothy Morehead Hill Collection:
California Native American Legacy and Tradition
Butte County Directories
1881, 1904-05, 1907, 1909. . .
Historic Photograph Collection Online
California Historic Topographic Map Collection 
Special Collections Digital Map Collection
Indian-White Relationships in Northern California between 1840-1920
The Bleyhl Collection
Local Newspaper Index
The University Archives Webpage
Edward Stuhl Wildflower Prints

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