The Meriam Library gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their photographic contributions to this project.

Marian Archer
Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park
Butte County Historical Society
California State Library
Lavelle Dollarhide
Richard Eaton
Bill Fieldler
Fruit Growers Supply Company
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District
Hal Goodyear
Cecil Graf/David Roth
Charles Haines
Dorothy J. Hill
Ruth Hitchcock
Harry McKenzie
Modoc County Museum
John Nopel
Andy Osborne
Plumas County Museum
Sacramento Valley Museum
Siskiyou County Museum
Special Collections, Meriam Library
Stansbury Home
Sutter County Community Museum
Grace Sweeney
Tehama County Library
Noel Watkins
Lottie Workman

Deborah C. Besnard
Jerril Dean Kopp
Pam Herman Bush
Fleet Irvine
Charles Withun

 Special thanks to the Associated Students Campus Enrichment Committee for funding this project.


Welcome to Special Collections, Meriam Library, CSU, Chico

VIRTUAL EXHIBITS>Meriam Library Virtual Walking Tour

 This online version of our walking tour presents a vision of the early, formative years of the twelve northeastern California counties.

 The distinctive character of the region and its heritage are represented by a variety of historical images with themes of portraiture, transportation, industry, education, agriculture and the landscape itself and presented in gallery form.

 Each gallery displays a thematic collage of historical photographs chosen from the Northeastern California Photograph Collection, which is housed in the Special Collections Department of the Meriam Library.

 Over 18,000 images are cataloged by subject and geographic location, for use by researchers. Reproductions are available for a fee and are subject to the policies of the department, donors and U.S. copyright law. Additionally, Special Collections maintains an extensive reference collection for patrons interested in the history of photography and the care and preservation of photographs.

 Many of the photographs in the collection have been made available to Chico State by individual donors, museums, historical societies, as well as public and private organizations.

 The Meriam Library gratefully acknowledges the organizations and individuals who have contributed to this collection.

 The Meriam Library welcomes additions to this outstanding resource. Please contact a staff member for more information.

First Floor
"Surrounded by History.."
Exhibit located in the Main Lobby

Second Floor
"Women of All Ages.."
Exhibit located near the women's restroom

"Men at Work..."
Exhibit located near the men's restroom

"Chico State Normal School's Timeless Faces..."
Exhibit located near the south windows

Third Floor
"Traveling Around.."
Exhibit located near the Vice Provost office

Fourth Floor
"Little Ones.."
Exhibit located near Curriculum


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