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Tehama County Pioneers

(Lingenfelter Archives)

vols. 1 & 2 -- Married

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Abbit to Allen
Allen, Albert to Annand
Anstead to Azevado

Babcock to Balis
Ball to Barnhart
Barnhouse to Beaty
Beauchamp to Benner
Bennett to Bivens
Black to Bohn
Bohnoff to Bowser
Boyce to Bridgman
Briggs to Brower
Brown to Bruton
Bryan to Burns
Burr to Bystle

Cabeen to Carmel
Carmen to Charlton
Chase to Clark
Clarke to Coffer
Coffey to Conger
Conklin to Corrigan
Corrington to Cronin
Cronkhite to Czerney

Dahaloff to David
Davis to Deirs
Delaney to Dietrick
Dietz to Dotherow
Dotta to Dunbar
Duncan to Dysen

Eachus to Ehut
Ehorn to Emerald
Emerson to Ezrey

Fablinger to Finnel
Finneran to Flowers
Floyd to Forward
Fosgate to Freeman
Freely to Fyfe

Garr to Gates
Gaugh to Giles
Gill to Godson
Goe to Grant
Grason to Gridley
Grier to Gyles

Haakonson to Ham
Haman to Harper
Harrais to Hatfield
Hathaway to Heavy
Heckert to Henriques
Henry to Hickman
Hickock to Hoerning
Hoffman to Hooper
Hoover to Hubbard
Hubbart to Hynes

Icha to Ivers

Jabine to Jelly
Jenison to Johnson
Johnston to Justus

Kaak to Kern
Kernohan to Knight
Knipping to Kyler

La Bounty to Lauer
Laughlin to Leonard
Le Roy to Lloyd
Loag to Lourence
Love to Lyons

McAleer to McCutcheon
McDale to McLane
McLaren to March
Marchant to Mason
Massee to Meek
Meeker to Millberry
Miller to Minch
Mindach to Mooney
Moore to Moulton
Mount to Myrick

Nachmias to Noble
Noe to Nye

Oakley to Ostrum
Oswald to Oyer

Pacholke to Payne
Paynes to Philbrook
Phillipps to Post
Posvar to Pritchard
Pritchett to Putnam

Quakenbush to Ray
Rayburn to Rice
Rich to Roberts
Robertson to Roney
Rooke to Ryan

Sableman to Scharr
Schenck to Seamans
Seamans to Shelton
Shepardson to Simmonds
Simmons to Smiley
Smith to Snider
Snively to Spitler
Spohn to Stevens
Stevenson to Storrs
Stortz to Swafford
Swain to Symonds

Taafe to Thackery
Thairwall to Tierney
Tilden to Tripp
Troendle to Tyrrell

Udell to Van Tyne
Van Valkenburg to Vroman

Wackerman to Wanee
Ward to Webber
Weber to Westinghouse
Westlake to Whitford
Whiting to Wild
Wilder to William
Williams to Wilsey
Wilson to Wiseman
Wiswell to Wooly
Wooten to Wyrick

Yager to Zurhorst

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