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About the Liberal Studies Degree

The Liberal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary major consisting of courses drawn from the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and sciences. Students receive a well rounded education preparing them for careers in education as well as in business, government, or social work.

Most liberal studies majors have elementary school teaching as their career goal; however, the major is also appropriate for students who wish to have an interdisciplinary studies degree.

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General Pre-Credential Option

The Liberal Studies General Pre-Credential Option prepares students to apply to a Multiple Subject Credential program. The CSU, Chico, School of Education Multiple Subject Credential program enables the credential candidate to teach in an elementary school or self-contained classroom. This option offers interdisciplinary knowledge and hands on field experiences working in local elementary school settings.

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Online Option

The Liberal Studies (General Pre-Credential) Online Option is a degree completion program for students who plan on teaching elementary school or desire a broad-based degree. This program is available to any student who resides outside the city of Chico. At the completion of this option, students are prepared to apply to a credential program. At this time, the CSU, Chico School of Education does not offer an online Multiple Subjects Credential program. If you are from outside of California please check the Status of State Authorizations for Distance Education.

The General Education requirements for the Liberal Studies major are unique in order to meet California State Content Standards for K-8 Teachers. By completing the Liberal Studies major, students also satisfy General Education requirements. GE courses taken at other institutions may not meet Liberal Studies major requirements. All lower division courses and some upper division courses must be completed by taking approved equivalents at a community college or four-year institution. Check with a Liberal Studies advisor to determine which courses can be accepted.

Online students interested in the Liberal Arts Option will also complete the Liberal Studies specific General Education course work at a community college and take upper division course work online at CSU, Chico. In place of education related upper division courses, students may choose one of two minors available online - Career and Life Planning or Sociology.

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Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Option

The Bilingual/Cross-Cultural option is an interdisciplinary knowledge-based pathway that prepares students for entry into the bilingual/cross-cultural professional preparation program. In addition to coursework in the various disciplines, it also includes courses in Latino culture and Spanish language.

A bilingual emphasis credential enables teachers to teach in English/Spanish bilingual classrooms, as well as in English-only settings.

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Liberal Arts Option

The Liberal Arts Option is intended for students who desire a broad exposure to the arts, humanities, sciences, and social science disciplines. This option is not preparation for a pre-credential program and does not prepare the student for a teaching credential. The interdisciplinary nature of liberal arts provides a broad knowledge base, and communication and analytical skills appropriate to many careers and occupations.

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Foundational Level General Science FLGS

FLGS Advising - Middle School Science (Grades 6-9)
The courses listed below can be taken while completing your BA in Liberal Studies in order to work towards your Multiple Subject Credential and Single Subject Foundational Level General Science Credential. Successful completion of these courses waives the CSET towards the Single Subject Credential in Foundational Level General Science (FLGS). After completion of these courses and a credential program you will be prepared to teach middle school grades up to the 9th grade level or for a K-12 non-departmentalized programs.

Required Courses

  • Phys 202A: General Physics I
  • Phys 202B: General Physics II
  • Chem 111: General Chemistry (B1)
  • Chem 112: General Chemistry
  • Bio 151: Principles of Cellular and Molecular Biology (B2)
  • Bio 152: Principles of Ecological, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology
  • Geos 102: Physical Geology
  • Geos 300: Earth System Science

* Scholarships through Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) are available. Contact your advisor immediately for more information.
* Contact Liberal Studies or call 530-898-5802 for more information.