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Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) Letter Request (Multiple Subject CSET Waiver)

Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) In Progress or ESM Waiver Letter Request (Multiple Subject CSET Waiver)

Credential programs in California require proof of subject matter competence. This competence is demonstrated by receiving a degree in Liberal Studies at Chico (an approved waiver program) and by submitting a ESM waiver letter of subject matter completion with your application to a credential program.

Individuals who qualify for an Elementary Subject Matter waiver are exempt from taking the Multiple Subject CSET exam for admission to a credential program.

In order to apply to a credential program and be recommended for a credential you must provide an:

  • In Progress ESM Waiver Letter (MS-CSET Waiver)
  • ESM Waiver Letter (MS-CSET Waiver)


In order to be eligible to receive an ESM Waiver In-Progress Letter or a ESM Waiver Letter you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have graduated from the CSU Chico Liberal Studies Program 2006 or after


  1. You must have filed for graduation and be enrolled in your last semester of your BA. If submitted earlier your request will be withdrawn.
  2. You must be declared or were declared in the following options to be eligible:
    • BA Liberal Studies: General (Pre-credential) Option 
    • BA Liberal Studies: Bilingual/Cross-cultural (Pre-Credential) Option
    • BA Liberal Studies/Child Development Double Major
    • BA Liberal Studies: General Online (Pre-credential) Option 
  3. If you are enrolled in the BA Liberal Studies: Option in Liberal Arts (Non-Teaching) you are not eligible for a waiver letter or an in-progress letter.

  4. If you are applying to the CSU, Chico credential program, your letter will be sent directly to the CSU, Chico Credential Program If you are applying to an alternative program, your letter will be emailed directly to you from the CSU, Chico Credential Analyst

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