Liberal Studies

Current Students

We are pleased that you have chosen Liberal Studies as your major. The well rounded education you will receive in the Liberal Studies Program will prepare you for careers in education, business, government, social work, or other fields.

As a future teacher, you will engage in coursework that prepares you to teach the required content areas and in hands-on experiences with K–8 pupils. You also have opportunities for depth of study in any of the disciplines, as well as in bilingual education, child development, or special education.

Interested in a career outside of education? Then choose the Liberal Arts option. Many employers are interested in graduates with a broad-based education.

Regardless of the career path you choose, please make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable, friendly advisors.

We will make sure that you:

  • Have the appropriate Major Academic Plan (MAP).
  • Select the best Area of Concentration or minor to meet your needs.
  • Are aware of the required tests and when you have completed coursework to ensure the best results.
  • Are informed of all graduation requirements and deadlines.
  • Are aware of credential program pathways or job opportunities outside of education.

More information on the different options.