Liberal Studies

Transfer Students

Welcome to CSU, Chico and the next phase of completing your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies!

This information will help you enroll in classes prior to receiving a personal evaluation of your coursework as it applies to the Liberal Studies major. It should answer your questions and help you enroll in the right classes for your first semester at CSU, Chico. Our goal is to make your transfer to CSU, Chico as seamless as possible.

Here are three easy steps:

First – Make an appointment to meet with an advisor so that you can receive an evaluation of your coursework to find out how it will apply to the Liberal Studies major. Your advisor will provide you with a personalized Major Academic Plans (MAPS)(opens in new window). This form will tell you which classes are required for the Liberal Studies major and their recommended sequence.

In the meantime, you can do your own Liberal Studies evaluation.

  • If you attended a college or university not listed on the transfer chart, you can refer to Assist to check for course equivalencies.
  • If you aren’t sure whether a course you already took will be accepted – that is, if a course you took isn’t listed on either the transfer chart or on the Assist web site, but you think it might count – then skip over that requirement until you receive your evaluation.

Please note – Advising is MANDATORY for all Juniors and Seniors.

Second – Make a list of possible courses to take in your first semester. It’s important to try to follow the recommended sequence on the MAP as closely as possible. The sequence is designed to help you complete prerequisites and to prepare you for each section of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET).

Third – Register for classes!

You will not be allowed to enroll in course section numbers 40 or 72 because you must be formally declared in the Liberal Studies online pattern, so avoid choosing those classes.

A final word of advice…
Your advisor will help you stay on track and remind you of upcoming deadlines, so be sure to schedule an appointment once each semester so that you can graduate in a timely manner.

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