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Online Curriculum Support

Linking to Journal Articles and eBooks in Blackboard Learn and Web Pages

In this website you will find instructions on how to link to materials provided by the Meriam Library in BlackBoard Learn and any of your web sites.

Because of licensing agreements and copyright, please remind your students that library materials are for class use only. If you are not using BlackBoard Learn, please use measures that limit access to students enrolled in your class.

How to construct links
Step by step instructions are provided here for linking to (1) journal articles and (2) electronic books. You will be shown how to obtain the links and add the proxy address necessary for off-campus users.

In order for your links to work off-campus, it is necessary to add the following proxy server address to the front of all of your links: in new window)

For detailed information on how you can use DOIs (digital object identifiers) and OpenURLs to construct links for your courses (in addition to persistent links) see the paper by Langston and Tyler(opens in new window) (2004).

If you have any questions or comments please contact James Tyler at or 530-898-6779.