Campus-Based Equity Plan

Date: November 19, 2014
To: All Faculty
From: Paul J. Zingg
Subject: Campus-Based Equity Plan

With the news that a new contract has been ratified by both the CFA membership and the CSU Board of Trustees, we can proceed with our commitment to develop a comprehensive campus-based equity plan that will serve our faculty and provide guidance as we address similar issues with staff, too. We have been preparing for this eventuality for quite some time and are relieved to know that we can now move forward.

The implementation of our plan – that is, its goals and elements listed below – will occur in stages with an emphasis on improving the salary situation for the greatest number of our faculty as quickly as possible in the first stage. Some actions will still need to occur off campus, though, that will impact the full roll-out of our plan.

First, the Chancellor’s Office will be providing campuses with the names of tenure/tenure-track faculty who it says have not yet reached their SSI salary max. We will then verify that list.

Second, the Chancellor’s Office will soon conduct an “implementation summit” to help campuses understand some aspects of the contract that need to be clarified. For example, the contract establishes a “pool of $2 million for a system-wide tenure-track equity program.” And another “pool of $1.3 million to fund additional assigned time for faculty that provide exceptional levels of service to students.” We need to know what these provisions mean and how they may, or may not, bring resources directly to our campus.

Third, the actual processing of the payroll that will reflect faculty salary increases is done by the State Controller’s Office. We are being told that payroll increases will likely be seen with the February, 2015, pay check.

Fourth, any and all salary increases must be processed in an order specifically required in the CBA. As Article 31.2 states: “For fiscal year 2014-2105, these increases shall be applied in the following order: Lecturer Salary Corrections, General Salary Increases, Salary Recovery Adjustments, and Equity Increases.” To be clear, the system-wide salary increases required by the CBA must be instituted before any additional salary increases from a campus-based equity program can be implemented.

Notwithstanding these matters, our campus-based equity program will be guided by the following goals and contain the following elements:


1. To accomplish an improvement in the CSU comparative salary ranking for all Chico State T/TT professorial ranks.
2. To mitigate instances of salary inversion and compression.
3. To mitigate salary inequities wherever identified.
4. To develop clear criteria and process for awarding salary increases specified in the existing contract (market-based increases and increases that exceed the minimum allowed at the time of promotion).
5. To set a clear path forward in these matters that will strengthen campus efforts to attract new faculty and renew and support all faculty.


1. Address and mitigate salary inversion instances that either currently exist or will develop as a consequence of the 3% salary increase for T/TT faculty who have not yet reached their SSI max.
2. Address and mitigate salary compression instances that either currently exist or will develop as a consequence of the 3% salary increase for T/TT faculty who have not yet reached their SSI max.
3. In addition to #1 and #2, address and mitigate salary inequities on an individual basis that might be gender or race/ethnicity based and as identified by college deans.
4. In addition to #1 and #2, address and mitigate other particularly egregious salary inequities on an individual basis, as defined and identified by the college deans.
5. Develop clear and consistent criteria and process for guiding market-salary adjustments consistent with the provisions of the CBA.
6. Develop clear and consistent criteria and process for awarding salary increases at the time of tenure and/or rank promotion that may exceed the minimum percentage increase
specified in the CBA.
7. Review and adjust as appropriate any lecturer salary ranges that the review may determine.

Some of these elements are already being developed, as, for example, the establishment of criteria and processes to guide both market-salary adjustments and salary increases at the time of tenure and/or rank promotion that may exceed the minimum percentage increase (7 1Ž2 %) specified in the CBA. And both the goals and elements of our campus-based equity plan should be seen as part of other efforts to renew and support our faculty as, for example, those which were identified in my Fall Convocation address.

Although “the devil is in the details” for many of these matters, the bottom line is to accomplish a campus-based equity plan second to none in the CSU. It is to undertake – as I emphasized in my July 17, 2014, memo to you – a comprehensive effort that aims to improve the base salary situation for all faculty and address inequities wherever they exist and however they are caused. This plan will do that. And I am extremely grateful for the thoughts and recommendations of many faculty to develop it. None more so than CFA chapter president Charley Turner, who has been a steady, persistent and articulate champion of what we are about to accomplish both now and for the future.

We have data-checking and number-crunching to do in order to roll out this plan. Much of this is underway and has been awaiting the ratification and clarification of the CBA to complete. We will move as quickly as we can now to let you know who will be affected and how much we will be spending from campus-based resources to achieve the goals and enact the elements of this plan. We aim to accomplish these tasks so that the pay check improvements relative to the General Salary Increase (GSI) and Salary Recovery Adjustment (SRA) provisions of the new contract will also reflect our campus-based actions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement this plan. And, no less, your expectations that we will do so in a fair and sustainable way.