Equity Announcement May 8, 2015

Date: May 8, 2015
To: All Faculty
From: Susan Elrod
Subject: Faculty Salary Equity Program - Update from the Provost's Office 

This communication serves as an update on our campus-based equity program for faculty.  We believe this comprehensive program marks a big step toward affirming the contributions of our faculty to the success of our students and our community.  I appreciate the consultation with CFA leadership, the deans, and the offices of the Vice Provost for Budget and Academic Resources and Faculty Affairs. I also appreciate the hard work that the Payroll Office has and is doing to make adjustments in a timely manner.

Below are the guidelines we applied in the program to address inversions and compression within rank among tenure-track faculty and to also do our best to accomplish the goal of “raising the fleet” as previously communicated (see April 1, 2015 email communication from Acting President Rollin Richmond).

  1. Minimum salaries were established for each rank and salaries were adjusted to these new thresholds: $62,000 for assistant, $68,500 for associate, $75,000 for full professor for 10-month faculty; appropriate adjustments were made for 12-month faculty.
  2. Salaries of faculty hired in the same year in the same department were made equal unless service credit was given upon hiring or faculty members were awarded early promotion.
  3. Faculty hired after the year 2000 received $75/month per service year, up to a $300/month max. This was applied within, not across ranks.
  4. For faculty hired before the year 2000, salary inversions between them and the highest paid full professor hired after 2000 were addressed with a flat $300/month adjustment.
  5. A 7.5% minimum gap was established between ranks.
  6. A cap of $1500/month was placed on any equity adjustment not including threshold adjustment. Additionally, caps of top step for each rank were not exceeded.
  7. Associate Professors who have been in rank for 6 or more years did not receive an equity adjustment, except threshold adjustment if they qualified for it, because they would be eligible for an increase upon promotion.
  8. Some department chairs were removed from the initial analysis but will be addressed in May using the same guidelines applied to everyone else.
  9. Other faculty with particularly high salaries (former deans, externally hired chairs, market salary increases, hard-to-hire areas, etc.) were removed from the analysis but

Below are the guidelines we applied in the program to address inversions among lecturers on 3-year contracts and those in their 5th and 6th years.

  1. Salaries of lecturers hired in the same year in the same department were made equal unless differences were reasonable due to degree and other factors.
  2. A fixed sum of $75/month was added to mark higher years of service, degrees received, and/or other factors if inversions were identified between lecturers in the same department.

Overall, over 200 T/TT faculty and over 40 lecturers will see equity adjustments. Faculty who were eligible for equity increases will receive a paycheck with an amount that is retroactive to October 1, 2014 as well as an adjustment in the monthly pay amount. Faculty in the Colleges of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and many in Communication and Education have already received their increases. The remaining faculty will see these increases in next month’s paycheck.

Faculty who were eligible for an increase will also be receiving a customized letter outlining the specific increases they received. If you have any questions regarding the Campus Based Equity Program, please refer to CBA Article 31.12.  If you have questions regarding your award amount, please contact your dean or refer to your Portal account using the links below. Two locations are available and links are provided:

  • Compensation History – View the effective date of the increase and gross amount prior to and after the pay change.
  • Paycheck History – By the 5th of each month, the previous month’s paychecks are viewable. Employees will be able to view the actual paycheck information for the pay that has occurred through the end of March.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we conceived and implemented this plan. As soon as the increases are implemented through payroll, we will provide a summary of the cost of the program, number of faculty impacted and status of faculty salaries at Chico State as a result of the plan. Our plan is one of the most comprehensive in the system and our faculty couldn’t be more deserving.

As President Zingg has mentioned previously, these actions do not exhaust the steps we need to take to renew and support our faculty.  We look forward to having an opportunity to annually address equity issues to continue to strengthen the salary situation for our tenure/tenure-track faculty and lecturers. We also look forward to continuing to hire more tenure-track faculty, add greater diversity to the ranks of our faculty, and provide all faculty with the technical and other support they need to grow professionally and foster the success of their students.