Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Graduate Resources

Graduate School

California State University Chico Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation encourages students to attend graduate school. Our program provides various opportunities to help students prepare for graduate school. These include, but are not limited to, Undergraduate Research, CSU-LSAMP Scholars Program, Graduate School Visits, Conferences, and fee reimbursement for GRE, TOEFL Exams, and Graduate School Applications. LSAMP provides funding for all the opportunities mention above. Ask about them. LSAMP students, who are interested in attending graduate school, should take advantage of all these opportunities to better prepare for graduate school. Graduate schools are interested in students who have done undergraduate research and presented their research at conferences. Try and do this before your senior year. The timeline below illustrates the process toward graduate school during your senior year.

Read the full text of Graduate School Timeline (PDF)

Scholars Program

CSU-LSAMP has implemented a Student Scholar’s Program designed to increase the number of CSU-LSAMP students that enter graduate STEM programs and are interested in obtaining research degrees. This is accomplished by supporting undergraduate CSU-LSAMP students who have declared this interest in pursuing graduate study in STEM fields.

In addition the program provides:

  1. Travel Funds for the student to visit U.S. graduate degree granting institutions and/or to attend a professional meeting appropriate to the student's development.
  2. Funds for other related activities, such as student membership in professional organizations and subscriptions to journals, graduate school application and test fees, GRE preparation, and minor research materials costs.

Read the full text of Scholar's Program (PDF)

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research is an opportunity for students to research a topic of his interest with the help of a CSU, Chico professor. These are students who are self-motivated striving to learn more outside the classroom. LSAMP grants a $500 stipend and up to $500 for supplies to students that successfully complete an Undergraduate Research project. This undergraduate research is intended to help students prepare for graduate school by providing them with hands-on experience. Conducting a research will help students by requiring scheduled meetings with professors, managing time outside classroom, and presenting research professionally.

Read the full text of Undergraduate Research (PDF)