Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Hire a Student

Do you need to hire a student or offer an internship?

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department is frequently contacted by members of our community seeking to hire students as graphic designers, videographers, sound technicians, public relations specialists, etc. If you have an internship opportunity please refer to Information for Internship Employers. Please consider posting your job or internship, paid or unpaid, with the JobCat Referral System. Email your posting number and information to Professor Tom Welsh. Professor Welsh will help get the word out to students about your opportunity.

Do you have an opportunity for a student but it might not be appropriate for an internship or you don’t want to post on the JobCat Referral System? Consider contacting a student organization that provides employment opportunities to students under the direction of qualified Chico State faculty or staff:

  • Media Arts, Design, and Technology Group (MadTech Group) is a student-run design group specializing in print, web design, and video production. MadTech provides Media Arts, Design, and Technology students with practical experience while providing design services to the campus and community. Please visit the MADTech Group(opens in new window) website for more information.

  • Tehama Group Communications (TGC) is a public relations agency managed by students. TGC offers our campus and community expertise in brand development, web design, social media assistance, graphic design, and promotional video work while giving students from the Media Arts, Design, and Technology and Journalism and Public Relations Departments hands-on experience. Please visit the TGC website for more information.

Remember to plan ahead! Many of our students work to fund their educations while attending school full-time. We may not be able to help with a last-minute request.

If you are not sure whether to offer your own internship or employment opportunity; hire a student from our student-run organizations; or you have other questions, please contact Professor Tom Welsh.