Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

KCSC Radio

KCSC Radio

KCSC Radio has been an important part of the CSU, Chico experience for 73 years. This student-run radio station has been in operation since 1951, broadcasting via FM radio, cable, and now, over the Internet.

In the summer of 2021, KCSC was relocated to the Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology. The station is now broadcasting out of its new studio located in Tehama 308. 

The studio is up and running, and we are streaming live! Click here to listen.

If you have any questions, please call 530-898-4877 or email

If you would like to contact the faculty advisor, please email Jennifer Meadows.


KCSC Radio has prevailed in the face of music television, and the 'death' of radio. Every intern sees a reason to work to revive the art of radio, showing their true passion. A donation will be an opportunity for a college student to play an important part in working to create a space to highlight unique artists and truly, "keep kids off the mainstream."Donation Button