Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Minors and Certificates

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The minor in Broadcasting is offered for students who wish to gain knowledge of the radio and television industry for understanding the impact of these media on society.

Communication Design

The minor in Communication Design offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in fundamentals, media applications, and aesthetics. 

Instructional Design & Technology

The minor in Instructional Design and Technology is offered for students who wish to augment their major with specific expertise in the area of instructional design and training development for businesses, government agencies, and non-profits.  The practice of instructional design and technology involves the analysis, design, development, and evaluation of training solutions that address human performance problems in the workplace.  The field of Instructional Design is interdisciplinary, drawing from the disciplines of education, business and management, and digital media design.

Graduates with the Minor in Instructional Design and Technology are better-qualified to find employment within the employee training and development functional areas of large corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.  They also serve school districts, as well as work for consulting firms that contract with these organizations. 

Certificate in Web Design and Publishing

Add this valuable skill to your career toolbox!

Minor in Photographic Studies (offered through the Art Department)

This minor includes several photography courses offered through the MADT Department.