Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Mission Statement

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department prepares students to be professionals and entrepreneurs in media and design. Our instruction focuses on the synergy of art, craft and technology. Our program is built upon a foundation of information literacy. Through our curriculum, students emerge with the critical thinking, collaboration, and leaderships skills necessary to thrive in their media professions. 

  1. Use critical thinking skills to solve problems in their field
  2. Demonstrate industry specific written and oral communication skills
  3. Evaluate and apply the principle theories of mediated communications
  4. Understand and evaluate both the local and global ethics of mediated communications
  5. Demonstrate current design practices
  6. Apply visual and technical skills required to excel as artists and professionals in their field
  7. Understand and exhibit the values, character, and habits of professionals in the field

Tehama Hall