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Which Media Arts, Design, and Technology major is best for my student?

The BA in Communication Design provides opportunities for positions in graphic design, video production and broadcasting, and other media-related fields. The Graphic Design Option integrates an understanding of the creative design process with a concern for the context and experience of the user. Students can pursue careers in diverse areas of graphic design including the design of branding systems, data visualization, information, interaction, interfaces, mobile apps, packaging, publications, typefaces, and websites. The Mass Communication Design option prepares students for opportunities in many media industries and agencies, as well as for the pursuit of advanced degrees in media-related disciplines. The Media Arts option provides education in all forms of electronic media, including video, audio, digital production, and post production. Many graduates go on to careers in scriptwriting, producing, editing, directing, and other facets of media production and broadcasting.

The field of Communication Design is dynamic and expanding. It is energized by the continual and rapid development of digital communication and the growing industrial, business, government, and personal use of these technologies. Communication Design students have access to writing and information technology computer labs, graphic design labs, a fully equipped high definition television studio, digital audio and video production and editing facilities, and digital photography facilities. The Communication Design curriculum is designed to prepare students to become professionals in communications and commercial design.

Major Specific Requirements

If your student chose Graphic Design, please review the laptop requirements and portfolio review policy with your student.

If your student chose Media Arts, please review our student success map (PDF) with your student. It's a good model for other MADT majors too!

Helping your student graduate in four years

Students may graduate in four years if they pass general education and prerequisite courses and follow the path recommended in the four-year maps. View Useful Links to find Communication Design catalog information and each major's 4-Year Academic Plan (MAP).