Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Student Profile

Nadia Dizard


Nadia arrived in Chico at the age of 4. Now, as she nears graduation with a BA in Media Arts Production with minors in Broadcasting and Cinema Studies, she eagerly anticipates the journey ahead, grateful for the beginnings that led her to this point.

Nadia's Story

Nadia's academic journey started with a clean slate, initially Undeclared, as she explored the vast landscape of academic possibilities. However, her high school theater experience sparked a passion for collaboration and creativity that she carried into college. Discovering the Media Arts Production major felt like kismet, a serendipitous revelation that set her on her chosen path.

Upon joining the program, Nadia instantly felt at home. The deep sense of community within the major provided a nurturing environment where her knack for producing and creating could flourish. It wasn't just about coursework; it was a shared odyssey of growth and exploration that fueled her passion.

Outside academics, Nadia immersed herself in campus life. Leading as the Production Director at KCSC, the lively student-run radio station, she orchestrated captivating broadcasts that resonated far and wide. Simultaneously, her role as Associate Producer at Chico State's Her Campus magazine unleashed her creativity in digital media and storytelling, showcasing her adaptability and ingenuity.

Her journey with KCSC commenced in the fall of 2022, marking her junior year with a newfound sense of direction. With time, she evolved into a guiding light within the organization, mentoring peers and pioneering innovative projects that broke new ground. Similarly, her ascent within Her Campus epitomized her dedication and ambition, transitioning from writer to Associate Editor, signifying not just her titles but her growth as a storyteller and her commitment to meaningful connections through words and visuals.

"Regarding Nadia, she's an outstanding student and a wonderful person," Professor Jennifer Meadows remarked. Her work ethic is described as, “Nadia has done an amazing job with her team keeping the website strong, creating graphics for promotional materials and spearheading KCSC studio sessions,” which spotlight local artists on the station's YouTube channel. Additionally, Nadia's prowess as an award-winning writer further highlights her multifaceted talent and dedication to her craft.

Nadia's Plan

Nadia's immediate future unfolds with a well-deserved break after years of challenging yet fulfilling academic endeavors, intending to relish moments with her family. Looking ahead, her aspirations center around securing a position that allows her to thrive in production, project, and team management roles. Above all, she seeks opportunities that enable her to engage in meaningful work, crafting stories that resonate and foster connections among people.

Word's of Advice

Girls taking a photo “Try as many different routes as possible (because you have no idea what amazing places a single choice may lead you to), work hard at whatever you do, and never ever put pressure on yourself based on comparison to others. Go at your own pace, take the time you need to take, and things will fall into place.”