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Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

MADT Student Work

METX 498
students at sierra nevada brewery
MADT 284 Graphic Design
MADT 284 graphic
MADT 327 Information Design
MADT 327 graphic
MADT 334 Basic Typography
MADT 146 Intro to Media Production

This short narrative using Japanese New Wave style was produced by Anisha Brady, Claire Green and DeMarie Guierrez.

MADT 146 Intro to Media Production

This promotional video for MADT was produced by Derek Martino.

MADT 146 Intro to Media Production

Another promotional video for MADT 146 from Emily Neria.

MADT 146 Intro to Media Production

A MADT promotional video from student Charles Rouse.

MADT 216 Intro to Audio Production

This is an in-progress sound design and mixing session in Pro Tools by student Ingis Tobon Spanglur.

MADT 218 Social Media Storytelling

In this pathway course for all majors, students study cinematic language in web media and then apply these concepts to the creation of personal web videos covering a variety of topics and genres.

MADT 266 Field Production

This is an original film (pre-production, production and post-production) created by student Malcolm Ashton.

MADT 463 Cinematography

This short features group exercises in which students recreate the lighting and camera movement from industry films. The original audio, which contains some adult language, is lip-synced in these exercises.

MADT 465 Directing

These in-class group exercises in which students break scenes into beats, block for camera and shoot in front of the class, followed by a class critique session. Above is an exercise by student Shelilah Calhoun and her classmates acting on camera and observing for critique.