MA in Language Teaching

Master's Degree Paths

The MA program has two degree options: the general option for all languages and the MA + Spanish credential option for candidates wishing to pursue a CA teaching credential and Master's degree simultaneously.


Application Deadline: April 1 for fall semester; December 1 for spring semester.

The program consists of required core courses, electives in a chosen language studies area (e.g. English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, etc.), and a final culminating activity for a total of 36 units.

Required Courses (24 units)

Students take eight required courses:

ENGL 470 Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition (3 Units) 
Prerequisite: ENGL 371 Principles of Language (Units are not applicable toward MA degree)

EDSL 605 Technology in Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning (3 units)

EDSL 610 Foreign/Second Language Teaching Methodology for Beginning Learners (3 units) 

EDSL 620 Second/Foreign Language Teaching Methodology for Intermediate Learners (3 units)

EDSL 630 Teaching Second Language Writing (3 units)

EDSL 633 Foreign/Second Language Teaching: The Cultural Dimension (3 units)

EDSL 635 Current Research and Developments in Foreign/Second Language Education (3 units)

EDSL 689 Internship (3 units)

Language Studies (9 units)

The language studies component consists of 9 units of electives within one of two areas of emphasis: English as a Second/Foreign Language or Foreign Language. In consultation with a graduate advisor, students will choose an area of emphasis consistent with the target language they teach.

9 units selected from:

English as a Second/Foreign Language 

ENGL 431 Theory and Practice in Tutoring Composition 
Prerequisites: ENGL 333W and ENGL 335W are strongly recommended.

ENGL 472 Pedagogical Grammar

ENGL 474 Syntactic and Morphological Analysis (Prerequisites: ENGL 371, ENGL 375) 

ENGL 476W Phonological Analysis (Prerequisites: GE Written Communication A2, ENGL 371)

ENGL 477 Semantics: Language and Meaning 

ENGL 478 Approaches to Reading

ENGL 481 Sociolinguistics

ENGL 632 Theories of Literacy 

ENGL 634 Teaching Composition

ENGL 689T Internship in Teaching College English
Prerequisites: ENGL 431 or ENGL 470 for ESL; faculty permission

ENGL 692 Special Topics in English 


Foreign Language 

For the Foreign Language emphasis, students select 9 units of 400/500/600-level course work in linguistics, language, literature and/or culture taught in the target language. Selections should consist primarily of courses taught in the target language (e.g., French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish). Candidates are expected to hold an appropriate degree or credential, or to possess comparable proficiency in the target language as assessed by the International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department. In consultation with the graduate advisor, candidates may also select one course from the English Department offerings in linguistics, as appropriate.

Culminating Activity

The culminating activity consists of a thesis, project, or comprehensive examination. 

Thesis or Project (699T or 699P) option

A proposal for the thesis or project must be submitted to and approved by the graduate advisory committee before the student may enroll in the thesis or project units. When human subjects approval is required, clearance must be secured before the proposal is filed.

An oral defense shall be conducted by the candidate's graduate advisory committee.

Approval by the graduate advisory committee, the Graduate Coordinator, and the Office of Graduate Studies is required.

Comprehensive Examination (EDSL 696option

Students prepare for a written comprehensive examination, with oral review, covering each of the program areas. 

The graduate advisory committee will prepare, administer, and evaluate the comprehensive examination.

Each examination shall be graded as honors, pass, or fail.

All parts of the comprehensive examination must receive a grade of pass. The candidate may repeat each part of the examination once.


Application Deadline: March 1 (same as single subject credential program; Fall start only)

The MA in Language Teaching: Option in Single Subject Credential (Spanish) prepares students for diverse careers in second and foreign language education. The program emphasizes meaning-oriented language instruction with a focus on intercultural communicative competence, technology in language learning, teaching second language writing, and teaching heritage speakers. Students gain a broad and multifaceted understanding of second language learning processes in their cognitive and social contexts and learn how theories and research in second language acquisition (SLA) inform current approaches to language teaching and the design of pedagogical materials and innovative curricula. 

This option gives students the ability to complete both a Single Subject Credential in Spanish and the MA in Language Teaching in one program in a two-year time frame (instead of three or more years). It equips students with the theoretical and research background in SLA and language teaching methodology needed to be effective practitioners beyond what they would receive in the Single Subject Credential Program alone. This option also provides candidates with an extensive clinical field experience (two semesters) and a more specialized foundation in K-12 curriculum and instruction theory beyond what they would receive in the MA program alone.

More information about admission and degree requirements can be found in the university catalogue.