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What To Expect From Our Math Courses

In designing the mathematics courses for CSU, Chico's Master of Science in Mathematics Education program, we recognize that our students come with varied mathematical backgrounds. For some of our students, it may have been years since they completed their undergraduate mathematics courses. Others will have had more recent experience as mathematics students.

Some of our students will feel comfortable with deductive reasoning, while others will be more comfortable with inductive reasoning. At the same time, students' motivations will vary, with some being interested in how the new mathematical knowledge and understanding will make them more effective teachers and others are more interested in simply broadening their mathematical experience.

Our challenge then is to create mathematically rich courses that are accessible, to create mathematics courses that deepen and build upon the mathematics of the high school classroom, while also exploring new and challenging topics. This, you can imagine, is a tall order, and one that will address each of our students in their own unique ways.

To give you a sense of what this may look like this coming summer, we have asked Dr. Jorgen Berglund, to talk about the course.

A Message From Math Faculty Member Dr. Jorgen Berglund

Jorgen Berglund

"This summer, we will be studying transformations. I chose this topic because it is a topic in the Common Core Standards that is not well understood, while also being mathematically rich enough to challenge any student. The course will be designed to give students a full mathematical experience where students will explore, conjecture, prove, and systematize.

We will be using dynamic geometry software to allow for robust explorations and to help provide insight as to why theorems hold. While there is ample opportunity for individual work, we will be working collaboratively, sharing our discoveries and insights. This will allow us to leverage the different strengths of each student ot increase everyone's mathematical understanding.

The grades will be based on a combination of work on assigned tasks, ongoing investigations, final project and exams. There will be ample opportunity for students to make, and learn from, mistakes prior to exams." - Jorgen Berglund

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