Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Advising for Undeclared/Undecided

Advising for First Year
  • If you are undeclared/undecided during your first or second semester, consult first year course options for advising based on your placement level. When you declare, you may still need to complete math courses for your major
  • For those that are not sure what direction they are heading, it can be advisable to plan for GE B4 for your second semester. This allows you exposure to Chico State and the major programs we have to offer. After completing first semester courses it may help to identify interests and considerations of major, minors, or certificate programs
  • Use Focus2 to hone your skills, abilities, and interests to research and test out various majors or career paths to consider
  • Reminder: first-year students are required to take math/quantitative reasoning and written communication course(s) within their first year (GE Area A2 & B4 if not already completed; per Executive Order 1110 ensured by the CSU Chancellor's Office)