Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Conditional Placement

GE B4 Ready- Conditional

Your mathematics/quantitative reasoning placement is conditional and cannot be determined until final documents are received

  • Your current GE B4 placement level is considered conditional. To meet the conditions for placement, satisfactory completion of related senior year courses is often required
  • If you received an email from the Office of Admissions requesting confirmation of final grade(s) (PDF), your GE B4 placement level is based on in progress work
  • You should submit the confirmation of final grade form (PDF) to expedite the review process. Alternatively, the determination is made when final high school transcripts, test scores, and/or supporting documents are submitted
  • Contact the Office of Admissions for more information about conditional placement

  • Since your placement level is conditional, until it has been updated to reflect GE B4 Ready or GE B4 Ready with Support, you cannot enroll in a GE B4 course at this time. Further, you cannot enroll in courses that require "GE B4 Ready" or "GE Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Ready"
  • In your Student Center, you will see a reminder notice "hold" regarding your conditional placement status until it is updated. This reminder will not prevent you from adding courses that you are otherwise eligible to enroll
  • A proctored ALEKS PPL assessment can be used to determine placement if needed 

Review Multiple measures for non-STEM majors (PDF) or Multiple measures for STEM majors (math intensive) (PDF)