Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Steps to ALEKS PPL

At Chico State, ALEKS PPL is used to assess readiness for calculus or first-year mathematics (STEM, international, or boosting placement) and as a way to study and prepare for college courses

Class code for 23-24: E69MF-PK6YV

To assess, all three steps must be completed:

  1. Create an account & take an initial knowledge check (unproctored assessment)
  2. Study personalized learning modules (minimum three hours in ALEKS PPL)
  3. Take a proctored assessment (scheduled with ProctorU or hosted by Chico State)
Fall 23 Enrollment

Assessments need to be completed prior to registration/enrollment
New Student Registration:
During Orientation: June & July
And: July 31-Aug 2

All Student Registration: FA 23: Aug 7 - Sept 1